Yuthika and Vedarsha

The best part about our business absolutely has to be watching our lehengas and designs come to life on someone’s big day. Decked up with jewellery and flowers and huge smiles, we absolutely live for the day we watch our brides dance and twirl and radiate confidence and beauty in our lehengas.
This is probably why we were so excited about Yuthika’s wedding! Married in Durban, South Africa in the middle of the pandemic, Yuthika and Vedarsha’s wedding was the perfect enmeshment of minimal pastels and Indian grandeur. Decked in our custom Emaya lehenga with its delicate thread embroidery in multiple colors, a touch of zardosi and sequins, Yuthika looked every bit the modern bride we love!

Check out her photos below and read her story for inspiration!

How did you and Vedarsha meet?

Vee and I are both dancers, and we met at rehearsals for productions we were cast in. Our choreographers, and really good friends, would always pair us up as dance partners (they definitely had ulterior motives which worked!), and our chemistry on stage became chemistry off stage. 12 years later here we are :)

How did you pick Chamee and Palak for your wedding?

I came across Chamee and Palak online and had to visit their store whilst we were wedding shopping in India. Safe to say I fell in love with everything as soon as I entered.

Tell us a little bit about your wedding ! What were your favorite moments?

My favorite moment from our wedding had to be walking down the aisle. My sisters and brother walked me down under a chaadar of florals and ghungroos (I had to find a way to have my dance with me for this). I met my parents halfway and held their hands all the way up to the mandap where Vee was waiting. These people have carried me all my life and it was only fitting that they did on my big day too. It was extremely symbolic, and being united with Vee at the end was really special. I also loved that we danced throughout our wedding week. Choreographed and spontaneous! Smaller numbers because of the pandemic meant no one held back from having the best time, and everyone could be themselves. Also, when you, your fiancé, and most of your guests are dancers, it's bound to be a dance-fest!

How was your experience with Chamee and Palak?

My experience with Chamee and Palak was incredible. Everyone was so helpful, and they were so open to accommodating my requests to make my lehenga unique. The team provided excellent customer service, and guided me whilst making decisions to create something that was traditional yet contemporary, and completely who I am.

What were the design requirements you were looking for in your lehenga?

I've always wanted to wear ivory on my wedding day, and Chamee and Palak have a wide variety of gorgeous ivory lehengas. They also allow for customization, which ticked another box for me as I wanted to have a hands-on approach to how my lehenga would look, so that it would be different and one of its kind. We handpicked everything from the colours to the borders to the length of the veil, and I loved being a part of the creative process as this is something I am really passionate about :)