If we had a penny for every time someone said the phrase “new normal”, well, we would be millionaires. They’re not wrong though, so much so that the world we live in and the way we function now isn’t even new, it’s just normal. The one silver lining in being stuck at home however was that a lot of businesses optimised the way you could shop online. Purchasing luxury products whether it's from halfway around the world or from just down the road is as easy as it’s ever been.
Especially when it comes to lehengas, we’re now slowly learning that we don’t have to be limited to the stores we can physically hit up with our bridal crew. After all, why should we restrict ourselves when it comes to lehenga shopping when the whole world has been opened up to us virtually? However, if you’re thinking right now “but what about the touch, the movement, the feel of the fabric?” you’re not alone.
Of course, all of these including things like seeing the color in front of you, making sure the fit is perfect etc are huge parts of what makes a lehenga right for you. That’s why we’re asking designers Chamee and Palak today on what tips we need to keep in mind if we’re shopping for our lehengas online and how we can smoothen out the process for us!
1. Do Your Research
Chamee: The best way to ensure a smooth process is to do your research on the kind of lehenga that you want. Go through multiple collections to find out trending styles, colors, blouse designs etc and pick out what you instinctively like and dislike. Then go through your own wardrobe and see what you’re already comfortable with - what kind of colors look best on you? What necklines are you comfortable with?
We know brides feel the need to experiment and while we would always support that, starting out with your basics that are built on what you already love and then building on it is a great idea!
2. Select Your Favorites from The Website
Palak: Once you’re settled on which designers/ collections you love, go through the website to pick out your top 3 favorite lehengas. Our website, for example, gives you in-depth knowledge of the lehenga, embroidery and fabrics already. It also lets you know whether you can  customize the lehenga you like, how much time it takes for each piece to be custom created for your size and liking and how much time it will take to ship to your location.
This is so important because a lot of times, you must know the details of the fabric, volume, embroidery, colors etc to fully understand how to choose the best lehenga for you!
3. Scour Their Social Media for Reviews
Chamee: We know what you’re thinking - everything always looks amazing in pictures because they can be edited. We get you! This is why social media is so important. It gives you a glimpse of not just how the brand overall has been received but also on how each piece looks on real brides and not just models.
Put on your sleuthing glasses, pour yourself a margarita and settle in. Search for real bride reviews, read up on blogs on the brand’s website about brides who wore their lehengas. Check out what other people say on wedding portals about the way the brand packages, custom fits and delivers on time - all of these small details are important in your overall experience!
4. Make Use Of Virtual Tours
Chamee: Once you’ve gotten in touch with the team, you can ask them for a virtual tour. This is a great way to see the lehenga in front of you, in real time. In fact, brands often do Lives with brides wherein they showcase each piece up close, on a hanger, on a model and in different situations so that it gets as close to being in the store as possible! You can follow us on social media to be updated on when these lives happen and be a part of them!
5. Ask The Designers For Measurement Help
Palak: Once you’ve finalized on the lehenga that is going to be our outfit, there comes the time of actually placing the order. Now is the time for you to have a conversation with the team about customization possibilities, colors and most importantly, fit.
The fit of your lehenga is the most important aspect, especially of the blouse. We would always recommend that you get a list of required measurements from the design team and then get yourself measured from a tailor. Not only does this ease out the process for you, you also know for sure that a professional has measured you and the chances of the fit going wrong are at a minimum.
7. Keep In Touch With the Team Throughout!
Chamee: So you’ve chosen your lehenga, done your research, gotten yourself measured, placed the order. Now you wait, and this really is the fun part too - waiting for the doorbell to ring and for your lehenga to arrive! It’s important to keep in touch with the team during this last part because they are going to be crucial in telling you how to try it on, make sure that everything is perfect, how to safely store it etc. until your big day!