Supriya and Ankur

There’s something about college romances that has always thrilled the romantics in us - the
meet cutes, the studying together, stealing glances, the energy of youth and the promise of adventure. The one thing however that we love even more (and we’re not alone in this because every Hollywood and Bollywood movie you love has this too) is the story of lovers who find their way to each other.

After all, romance is in everything from the stories we tell to the clothes we wear and certainly in the way we celebrate life’s biggest moments. That’s why it was such a pleasure to create a lehenga woven and embroidered delicately with love for Dr. Supriya’s wedding to Dr. Ankur.
Read on below to see pictures of their beautiful day!

How did you meet?

I met him while attending my undergraduate degree..we fell in love but due to certain circumstances had to part forward a few years ahead met again and decided to make it forever as we realised the love we had for each other.

How did you pick Chamee and Palak for your wedding?

I saw a picture way back in 2017 which I took a screenshot of and that time I didn’t know the designers behind this really elegant ivory lehenga, then in 2018 the sister of a friend of mine was getting married and they got there wedding lehenga from Chamee and Palak and that’s how I got to know about you guys. My wedding was planned and executed in exactly
2 months because of COVID…so I just went on Chamee and palak’s Instagram page…selected the lehenga in 15 mins which was basically love at first sight and made the online appointment. Thereafter the process was quite smooth made a quick trip to Mumbai for the measurements and then it was delivered to me before the due date!

Tell us a little bit about your wedding! What were your favorite moments?

Every moment was very surreal to me as we were getting married during a pandemic, but I was lucky enough to find a good team and the end result was fantastic. My absolute favourite moment was the walk down the aisle in my pretty wedding outfit with my parents and sister towards the love of my life. His favourite moment was probably dancing the night away with me by his side

How was your experience with Chamee and Palak?

Incredible. Since it was a day wedding I wanted something in pastel hue and the florals in the lehenga were just the cherry on top. I have no complaints as they catered to every need of mine..with the blouse customisation to the extra dupatta and what not. They were also very patient with all the WhatsApp queries and last minute changes.