Real Bride Stories - Aisha and Jay

We’ve seen all kinds of weddings in our decade as bridal wear designers - minimal ones in gardens, all-out palace weddings, backyard weddings, last minute elopements - you name it and we’ve dressed a bride for it. Our favorite throughout all of these are the ones where everyone is smiling and laughing and having a good time regardless of the kind of wedding.

When we go through images of the bride and her family, we always end up with a smile on our faces just from seeing the joy that goes around. Happiness brings a different glow! This is why we loved dressing Aisha and her family so much! Not only did we love the concept of her outdoor wedding in the middle of wild flowers, we loved dressing Aisha and her twin sisters together.

Even though Aisha wanted to keep an open mind about not wearing red, she fell in love with our Peacock lehenga. It was for her twin sisters that we chose custom Meadow and Jamewar Dori lehengas to compliment the bride.

Read on below to find out more about Aisha’s gorgeous wedding lehenga!

red lehenga, bride and bridesmaid

How did you meet?

Jay and I met at our medical school (University) 11 years ago and it’s been a journey since then to our wedding date on the 4th of September!

red lehenga, bride and bridesmaid

How did you pick Chamee and Palak for your wedding?

I bought my bridal outfit through Nikaza (a UK boutique) - instantly fell in love with the design! Then we went online with chamee and palak for my sister's outfits as we wanted similar styles and colors.

red lehenga, bride and bridesmaid
red lehenga, bride and bridesmaid

Tell us a little bit about your wedding! What were your favorite moments?

Being walked down the aisle by my twin sisters, seeing Jay for the first time on the Mandap, having grandparents present for the wedding and the evening reception speeches and dancing!

How was your experience with Chamee and Palak?

Great experience shopping directly with Chamee and Palak for sisters outfits - both wedding outfits and one reception outfit. Great communication first via FaceTime in the store then regular contact with updates on whatsapp.

What were the design requirements you were looking for in your lehenga?

Had a very open mind other than wanting a red colour lengha for bridal. Then more specific colour requirements for sisters outfits to try and match the pink and green in my bridal lengha.