Bharvee and Dev

There’s something about going through a harrowing world wide pandemic that will make you take a look at your life choices and your plans for the future. As we all collectively went through one of the most difficult times for humanity, we saw hope, love, support and beauty come out from the smallest and unusual places.

There was no one who wasn’t affected. There was no one who didn’t come forward in what little or big way they could to help themselves, their families and the people around them. Our couple, Bharvee and Dev, decided that their pandemic wedding had to reflect their values and who they were as people.

So, they decided to give away their wedding fund to Covid Relief and host an intimate, DIY wedding in their backyard.

Curious to see how it turned out? Read on below to find out!

Tell us a little bit about your wedding! What were your favorite moments?

Dev and I met through mutual friends and my wedding was special in many ways, but having it in my childhood made it extra memorable. The same backyard where I played was where I began a new phase of life. I’m also super proud of the DIY mandap and decor that my family and I made. Having close family and friends topped it off and made the event intimate and unique.

How did you pick Chamee and Palak for your wedding?

I found them on social media and thought they had really great customer service from the first call I had with the team. I knew I wanted to try something other than the traditional red and Chamee and Palak had great variety. The style of lehengas matched what I had envisioned!

How was your experience with Chamee and Palak?

I recommend brides to check out Chamee and Palak, especially if you are looking for a unique and new take on the traditional bridal lehenga. The team was professional and listened to my wants, all while giving great advice on pairing designs and colors.

What were the design requirements you were looking for in your lehenga?

I knew I wanted delicate yet colorful embroidery so the Emaya lehenga was perfect for me. I switched a few colors from the original design, and paired with a blush lehenga to match Dev.