One of the major life lessons that the onset of the pandemic taught us was cherishing one another, whether the person is in front of you or across the street quarantined in their house or even online through video calls, phone calls or zoom - just a tiny, beautiful bubble on your phone connecting you to the ones you love.

This is why we love the story of Anu and Tej - having met on Bumble and somehow broken through the barriers that is modern dating, they found the one who will stand by them for the rest of their lives. Not only did Anu and Tej meet online, they had to plan most of their wedding online as another by product of the pandemic! Putting their faith in the internet and the goodness of their vendors.

How did they pull it off? Read on below for the full story and to check out their gorgeous wedding day photos!

Tell us a little bit about your wedding! What were your favorite moments?

Our wedding was super simple, exactly what I wanted. Covid was a great excuse for us not to do a “Big Indian wedding”! Sharing this day with the loved ones and not having to worry about other stresses that come along with the wedding day was my favourite part.

How did you pick Chamee and Palak for your wedding?

Planning a wedding in the middle of a lockdown was very hard and while I did some virtual consultations with local stores, nothing stood out to me. I never wanted to wear a very traditional outfit. So I decided to look online for inspiration of what I want in my bridal outfit - I wanted something in a pastel shade, with floral design and not heavy. I came across Chamee and Palak while browsing Instagram and fell in love with the pink Gulnar lehenga.

How was your experience with Chamee and Palak?

With everything on lockdown in Canada at the time, I decided to go on a limb and order my dress virtually. I was very nervous, but they made the process very easy and stress-free!

They walked me through the process of taking the measurements through whatsapp and were very helpful in accommodating my customizations. It was the most perfect bridal lehnga I could have asked for, exactly what I wanted as a modern Indian bride. Thank you Team Chamee and Palak for this wonderful experience, cannot wait to order from you guys again!