5 Lehenga Color Ideas For Brides and Bridesmaids You’ll Love

Despite all the Instagram reels out there telling us how to style ourselves, let’s face it - most of us don’t know how to. We’re all just spending hours saving styling reels we’re going to try “some day”. So if you’re like most of our brides and don’t really know the difference between fuchsia and magenta, or what goes with orange, then this blog is for you. If you do know the difference, well, keep reading incase we teach you something new! If you’re a bride, one of the most fun pictures you’ll take is the one with your girls - your bridesmaids. Not having them around helping you, teasing you, hydrating you during your wedding is just not possible; so why not pick out the perfect bride and bridesmaids attire so not only do your candid images come out great, but your entire wedding looks coordinated?
Read on below for some lehenga ideas for brides and bridesmaids *handpicked by Chamee and Palak themselves :
1. Complimentary Colors
We love brides who love offbeat bright colors! If the bride wears yellow, the bridesmaid had the right idea by wearing a lehenga from the opposite side of the color wheel from the bride. Yellows are complimentary colors to blues, so going the classic way can help you never be wrong. The bridesmaid in our Noorja lehenga makes for a well balanced color composition in all images with the bride!
2. Contrasting Hues All Around
We absolutely loved decking this entire bride squad in Chamee and Palak not only because they were so much fun but because we loved the colors they picked! Going the offbeat route, we decked the girls in bold maroon light lehengas while the bride chose a charming blush pink lehenga. Not only did the contrast make the bride stand out even more, they all just looked so coordinated together that it made for wonderful pictures.
3. Pastel Queens
Soft tones, pastels shining and complex textures? Yes, please! Not only did the bride and her family wear colors that compliment each other, they also chose varying textures, styling tips and embroidery to make the outfit uniquely their own. This is a great way for your own personal style to stand out while also fitting in with the look and theme of the entire wedding! Bride in Gulnar, bridesmaid on her right in Tulip lehenga
4. Matching But Not Really
While at first glance it may seem like everyone’s wearing ivory or off white (and they are, don’t worry), we love how the bride has stood out with a layer of beautiful red embroidery. This is a great idea not only for minimalist brides but also for traditional weddings where ivory is usually the way to go. We love how the squad has coordinated with some effect of gold on everyone while the bride stands resplendent in her multicolor lehenga! Bride in Emaya lehenga.
5. Playing Favorites
Lastly, our favorite brides and bridesmaids are always the ones who play to their own strengths. Throw away all the rules, color guides, fashion tips and go with your gut - which colors have best suited you in your daily life? What features do you want to play up? What are you going to be comfortable in? When it’s such an important day, it’s incredibly useful to be at home in your own skin and the pretty lehengas you’ve chosen. Bride in Jenna