While we’re strong connoisseurs of the quintessential red lehenga, we can’t deny that we love playing around with color combinations that are fresh and just work together. Colors are extremely important, not just for your bridal portraits but also to set the tone of the wedding as a whole, to exude your personal style and opinions, to tell history where we as a culture stood on the day you got hitched.
A powerful storytelling tool, colors not only tie your wedding together but also set a mood to your event. Are you going for something sombre and elegant? Understated with a touch of glamour? Fun and cheerful? The color story you choose to present will help you with that.
So what are some color combinations apart from the usual that we love? Check them out below!
1. Teal and Pink

Our favorite combination for this winter wedding season is teal and pink. Exuding perfect coolness on the color scale and balancing it with a hint of pink, this out has been a crowd favorite too!

2. Gold and Grey

Yes, we know what you’re thinking when we say “grey and gold” but look how pretty! When you cleverly play up gold embroidery on a green-grey grey base, these two colors are the definition of understated glamour.

3. Light Olive Base and Multicolored Embroidery

If you’re trying to stand out with a never seen before color, then this light olive base Emaya lehenga is for you! Because this is a tricky color, we love how the pairing has been done by a pink dominating multihued embroidery that balances out the colors perfectly.

4. Yellow and Pink

A mehendi ceremony is always a riot of colors, music, dancing, drinks and a lot of laughter going around. Your lehenga needs to reflect that! That’s why we love pairing a sunshine yellow lehenga with an ombre dupatta of rani pink and orange! Smartly done, this color combination flows with each movement and provides a great photo-op no matter where you are.

Which combination are you going for today?